Chiropractor HealthCare

Is seeing a Chiropractor the solution for you?

Dr Tumbarello and his staff at Advanced Spinal Relief (located in Marietta, Georgia) bring a proven strategy of balanced care and individualized treatment protocols to isolate and resolve those problem areas in the back, neck and throughout the body.

Consider this:  When something is wrong with your body, you often feel bad in one place – like your shoulder, your neck, or your gut. But that’s not necessarily where the real problem is. Every bit of your body is part of a bigger system.

It could be your musculoskeletal, cerebrospinal, central nervous, circulatory or lymphatic system. And those are just some of the systems that unite your whole body — and affect your total health. That’s why we consider your whole body when we treat you — and why we can offer faster and longer-lasting results

The Science Behind Us

The comprehensive chiropractic approach is quite different from that of the medical-surgical-pharmaceutical complex. But it’s neither new nor untested. Decades of study, technological advances and effective application have proven that this approach can not only relieve persistent pain, but also improve overall health.

Further, years of constant inquiry, anatomical study, training and hands-on experience with various treatment methods have helped refine our approach. We recognize subtle symptoms. We’ve learned what’s most likely to work, when and why.

And we welcome you and treat you like family. Because we’ve learned that makes a difference, too.

Dr. Tumbarello discusses the ileocecal valve and displays a technique to help gas relief, stomach aches, stomach pain and other digestive disturbances