Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer after years of study, working with and application of natures way to the human form. Palmer was the first to pen the relationship of man in his essence to his spiritual side in a health related way. “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience”. His intense study of the laws of the nature, scripture and his own intuitiveness gave him insight into what has been labeled “Man’s greatest gift to mankind”.. “The Chiropractic Adjustment”.

As a law of nature, structure determines function, Palmer was directed to “attend to the skeletal frame to connect man the spiritual to man the physical”. This is historically the first reference of a healing art to its spiritual roots. Perhaps the best illustration is that of a body in a coffin as one looks upon it …. the deceased has lost its spirit, the looker not, and as this spirit animates the flesh you have greater degrees of life …. wellness. Attending to the body’s frame is the quickest, most efficient and effective way to “animate the flesh”.

Palmer reasoned that if there was a dis relationship in one of the over 300 articulations in the body, then as the structure changed, so would the man accordingly (physiology). The human frame was seen as a “neuro skeleton frame” as the nerves that wrapped around these structures would be influenced – pulled, by dis relationships it would thus be out of tone. He termed these dis relationships SUB-LUX A TIONS. Which literally means “below the light” Subluxations would either speed up or reduce the rate or reaction along the nerves thereby altering “Tone” – balance in the body – much like a guitar string when tightened or loosened just a little effects the quality and tone of its function.

For over 100 years traditional science has been trying to understand the impact of this discovery. Even today we are only starting to unfold some of these great mysteries of the nerve system “Tone” as seen as the great communicating system, influencing control over all systems. In as such what has been revealed is that our body needs to work without obstruction or “interference” from any disruption of the human frame or as such or systems stress and fail.

Despite direct opposition and numerous attacks by the trade unionists (AMA) and its powerful support from the pharmaceutical industry, chiropractic still stands as the worlds largest natural health profession. We remain strong so as to give you an independant option to care for yourself.

The difference in traditional methods / medical care – is that in chiropractic we are here to assist you to attain your greatest good – well being – ground you, which ultimately helps you to conquer your illusions & fears bringing mankind to a balance between our technologically oriented society and our psychological development. (We are not ready for someone to push that button).

Although not intended as a treatment of some named “disease” the chiropractic approach has learned that the “diagnosis”, while helpful, is often of limited consequence as the whole being must be addressed, and as when attended to via chiropractic services one has a greater ability to mend or in the least to minimize complications of named disorders.

There are over 300 bones in the body influencing millions of nerve communicating pathways, 90% of which you never feel. Can you tell which ones are not communicating in you?