What Our Care Can Do For You

Life gets better when your body’s structures are properly aligned. Your body automatically functions better. A study of athletes under chiropractic care found an 18% improvement in performance compared to those not under chiropractic care. But it’s not just athletes whose performance improves. Work, school, and other everyday duties get easier. Daily life becomes more joyful.

Often, patients come to us to avoid addictive drugs or surgery – which other doctors have recommended. More often than not, we’re able to relieve their symptoms and help them feel better than ever. We’ve also helped many patients after drugs and surgery have failed.

Clear Thinking

Your spine is an extension of your brain. Our approach improves neural and hormonal balance, which affect thinking, concentration and memory, and reduces subliminal body inflammation to help your mind stay extra-sharp

Your Pets

Your precious pets can also benefit from our treatment. Studies show that pets under chiropractic care live an average of 28.5% longer, with fewer health complications, than those not under care. Dr. Tumbarello sees patients’ pets at NO CHARGE. Just let us know your pet will come with you when you make your appointment.