Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT)

PRRT is the result of over 4 decades of development and research in the field of physio therapeutics by John Iams.

Using the principles of Sherrington’s laws of neurology and reciprocal inhibition, John developed a way to instantly relax and restore function and reduce pain at “reflex speed” to most musculo-skeletal conditions.

As observed, the body is hard wired neurologically via its primal reflexes. When an incident occurs the body’s reflex system up-regulates thus keeping the body “tensed”. Unless something is done to down regulate these neural systems the body remains restricted, limited and even painful for the rest of its years. This unique approach allows us to provide a quality of care that in the past may have taken months that now takes seconds.

We are very grateful to John and his ability to reveal to us some of natures greatest secrets. Its almost magical how pain and restrictions immediately disappear. Its a WOW.