Shoulder Relief

If you can’t fully raise your shoulder / arm

Starting Point

Make sure your shoulder is on the horizontal plane to your body to avoid other compromises to the shoulder articulations.  Now grab onto the tissues just under the collarbone, and in this case beyond the left side of the chest bone.  Apply firm pressure and begin to traction toward the shoulder and slightly up.


Ending Point

Apply pressure and traction as you raise your arm horizontally – slowly (not in front of or behind the body).  Raise arm and traction 5 times.  Kind of like the pledge of allegience and an old roman arm salute at the same time ! Amazing results are attained in uncomplicated shoulder conditions.


Rotator Cuff Downregulation

This simple exercise is courtesy of my friend John Iams.  John is a world renown expert in physical medicine / pt and has worked on many professional athletes.  This simple procedure can soothe many an achy shoulder.  Just do it if you suspect a rotator involvement.