Auto Accidents

Recovering from Auto Injuries

During a rear end collision, a tremendous strain is placed on the joints of the spine. These strains can result in ligament and disc injury and chronic pain.  Chiropractic can help you recover.

About Whiplash Injury

An entire whiplash injury occurs in about 1/10th of a second — the length of an eye blink.  In that time, the human head can experience forces greater than that of jet fighter pilots.  Often, even a 5 mph whiplash can cause permanent injuries.

Without forceful adjustments, the structures of the neck can be realigned, the nerve impingements released, and the muscles relaxed.  Corrective care should be instituted as soon as possible.  Damaged structures will become adhesive and arthritic much sooner than normal

Care for the delicate nerve ganglia in the cervical spine (neck) must be appropriate.  These nerves influence the heart, lungs, digestion and brain.  They also affect the muscles in the neck, shoulder, arms and fingers. This is part of our protocol for whiplash injuries.