Torque Release Technique (TRT)

TRT is a spinal torque and structural correction developed by Jay Holder DC, Md Phd. TRT is the outcome of a need to help humans achieve their maximum state of well being. By specifically addressing the spinal – dural – menningial relationship to nerve and brain chemistry and its functions as the essence of “Tone”.

This method uses a specifically developed tool that uses a low force applicator that employs a torque to very precise areas of the spine, pelvis and skull. Recent advances due to Dr Holder’s accomplishments have now become mandatory in many places throughout the world due to their effect of well being and addictions.

Dr Holders work in the field of addiction has been parallel to that of Michael Jordans in the basketball arena. Studies have found that 75% of people arrested with addiction wind up back in jail due to occurrences despite jail time, fines, therapy and counseling. While these methods are helpful, adding TRT methods reduced the recidivism from 75% to 3%. Its now mandatory in Australia that if your arrested, that you get this so you don’t wind up back in jail again.

The method is painless and very subtle, and the results are outstanding. We use this as a primary method of spinal care for our patients.