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Sinus Tension Headaches


I was fortunate enough to attend my 3rd conference on a new pain relief method that’s changing the way science looks at pain.  I have seen amazing results with my own patients and I couldn’t believe the number of MD’s , physical therapists and acupuncturists that were joining to learn from my Chiropractic colleagues ….nice to see them finally stepping out of their boxes.

In this day and age with increased pollution, degraded foods etc, I understand how many people can feel bad.  I also realize there are dozens of remedies that can help relieve pain, sinus etc…  However, few if any do anything to embellish the body’s natural abilities to reduce inflammation or restore functions.

If you’re treating your ailments this way, you’re heading in the wrong direction.  These approaches just will not make it OK to pollute our internal environment, alter your immune system and simultaneously bring more money to big and polluting industries.  While relief is great, it is only temporary and often self destructive.

Common effects from sinus medications (Claritin,  Allegra, Zyrtec, Sudafed, Flonase, Dymista) include:  headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, high blood pressure, changes in vision/dry eyes, chest pain, increased heart rate, nausea/vomiting, restlessness, tremors, nosebleeds, sensitivity to the sun, immune system problems, thrush and slow wound healing

Sinus pressure and congestion:  A: Place fingers at bottom of nostrils press in (towards skull) with moderate pressure (you need to feel the pressure) hold for 5 seconds then quickly brush out.

Sinus pressure and congestion B:  Place 2 fingers about an inch higher, again repeat as in A.

Now C. briskly rub across your eyebrows for a few seconds and D. at the base of your skull- where your neck meets your head.  (It will most likely be tender).  Rub briskly and firmly at the skull neck level do about 10 seconds.   Moist compresses to the face and back of the skull will also be of great benefit. * NEVER use ICE on the FACE SINUS.  You can use ice or moist heat on the back of the skull where it connects with the neck  20 minutes as needed


Example 1.  Using right hand reach across to the top of your back between the shoulders and neck.  This is the area of the upper tra

pezium muscle.  Check for tender spots by pressing firmly, it may feel like a knot in the muscle.  These are commonly referred to as trigger points.  Now, as you apply pressure with your right hand on the painful knot, use your left hand and grab and press behind your head at the base of the skull and top of the neck.  Simultaneously as you press on the trigger point with your right hand, use your left hand to pull / push and press the tissues at the base of your skull

.   About 85% of the time the painful spot will begin to ease in

seconds.   Continue to apply pressure and hold both hands in position for 20 seconds.   Repeat this on the opposite side.   I don’t suggest you do this more then once per day as re-contact on the same painful trigger area can irritate it and nullify your efforts.

A New Neurologic Disaster

Did you know…

Fluoride is a prescription drug? Why wasn’t I told? Who should of told me?

Tylenol causes ADHD in children?

How many of Monsanto’s board members are employed by the FDA? Could this be a conflict of interests?

80,000 new chemicals introduced since end of WWll

Pollution is everwhere.  While people are arguing about who invented the internet, or global warming, these insidious agents of disaster are slowly eroding our ability to live, thrive or even survive.  Why is it not much attention is paid to this ?  Is little to gain financially – especially by/for those who hold vested interests or those who turn a blind political eye – the same thing.

Today, washing machines and junk are washing onto the shores of North America.  The cells in Polar bears are found to contain environmental pollution. SORRY, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?  Our entire earth, you, me and the cat —  we are all connected!!!



Your nerve system controls and coordinates all function in your body especially adaptation. The nerve sytem is sensory driven. This means it needs stimulation – imput from the environment to function.  But what if the enviroment is toxic?  Its still a stimulant, but with negative consequence.   The answer follows.


As these polltants/environmental imputs enter our system they have an effect on our nerves and our ability to adapt and fully live – they become a stress / threat.  Now your nerve system becomes burdened with all this unnecessary “noise” and you begin to get sick, symptomatic or form a template for future disease.



Nerves mis fire when over stressed, this overloaded goes to your SPINE..  As the spinal cord tries to fend off these impulses it pushes them onto the surrounding muscles (called hyperfacilitation), essentially this is a short circuit causing the spinal vertebrae to jam or lock. Chiropractors recognize this, it is called a subluxation.  Now messages to the brain can no longer be normal. Depending on what vertebrae is jammed determines what organ or system becomes immune compromised. For you to optimize body functions SUBLUXATIONS must be located, and reduced.

This abnormal stimulation from subluxated areas continue fire up to the Thalamus, a large switchboard deep in the brain. where it is routed within the brain for proper relay back to organs, glands, muscles and virtually for all brain functions.  As this continues, so does the degredation of your immune system.  This is pure human physiology.



It is for this reason that our environment, injuries – new and old as well as weak organs disrupt functions in our body.  This is why we routinely check your spine and check out organ / gland balances, test for whole food nutritional support with 100 point body scan for our patients.  We want the best for you – after all, we are all connected.

Miracle Points for Digestive Health

Enhancement Series:  Miracle Points for Digestive Health

As the seasons change so does your body.  Your needs and requirements alter and are quite different in the cold then in the warm weather.  Consequently it becomes apparent that modifications may be in order to accommodate these changes. You gotta zoop up the system a bit.

However for many of us the daily grind of life keeps us from making proper choices for optimal body function.  These usually “end” up as digestive difficulties.

In this issue we will show you how to enhance body functions for better digestion, assimilation and utilization of the foods you consume – and maybe suggest a few changes that may be appropriate for your genetic, racial or cultural differences.


The gall bladder is a reservoir for the bile that is produced by the amazing liver.  When food hits the stomach, the motion within the stomach along with the right PH (provided the stomach is working properly – yes we have some tests for this too) signal the gall bladder to release bile into the common bile duct where it makes its way into the small intestine.  The bile serves to break down and emulsify foods – fats in particular (essential for health and hormone production).  Bile also will disinfect and lubricate the rest of the intestines and bowel. YOU CANNOT DO THIS WITH A “FLUSH”.

Given today’s foods, the better your body works, the better off you’ll be.


From a professionals perspective we need to look at many things, stomach motility, parotid glands, TMJ function, stomach HCL, food sensitivities and other etc to really get down to it… but you can help by using some of these simple techniques.

In the web of the right hand between the thumb and the first finger is a reflex point that when tender often indicates some backup or issues in the gall bladder/biliary system.

Reflex point 1. Rubbing this point will often bring about relief to the gall bladder as well as relief of headaches for many people.

Reflex point 2. On the bottom 1/3 of the right foot, midline approximately where a stirrup would fit when riding a horse may be another tender point.  Mash it 20-30 seconds.

As the Gall Bladder is not alone in the digestive processes, it is part of a very complex and dynamic system.  With that said, searching the abdominal area will often reveal other tender spots.  The following will help:

Master point A. for relief:  Just below the bottom lip – between the chin and lip is a special point that lends energy to all the internal organs.  Tap this point 3-4 times a second about 100x while gently rubbing on the tender belly area will often reduce pain and tenderness in the gut.

Master point B. Just above the lip and under the nose – right in the center, treat same as Master point A, tap and rub. Lymphatic relief occurs when briskly rubbing the area under the right breast along the ribs for about 10 seconds.

Walk and exercise as you can.  During the cold, we tend to eat fatty foods for warmth.  As a service to our patients we keep on stock lots of A-F Betafood from Standard Process.  This tiny pill can emulsify and enable the bile to get into the system with little worry. 


Shoulder Relief

If you can’t fully raise your shoulder / arm

Starting Point

Make sure your shoulder is on the horizontal plane to your body to avoid other compromises to the shoulder articulations.  Now grab onto the tissues just under the collarbone, and in this case beyond the left side of the chest bone.  Apply firm pressure and begin to traction toward the shoulder and slightly up.


Ending Point

Apply pressure and traction as you raise your arm horizontally – slowly (not in front of or behind the body).  Raise arm and traction 5 times.  Kind of like the pledge of allegience and an old roman arm salute at the same time ! Amazing results are attained in uncomplicated shoulder conditions.


Rotator Cuff Downregulation

This simple exercise is courtesy of my friend John Iams.  John is a world renown expert in physical medicine / pt and has worked on many professional athletes.  This simple procedure can soothe many an achy shoulder.  Just do it if you suspect a rotator involvement.